About B-FOST

The Black Sea Association of Food science and Technology (B-FoST) is an international non-profit network of individual scientists and scientific organizations from the countries around Black Sea area.

We are working together in the field of fundamental and applied food science, research and development, innovative technology, food ingredients, novel trends in nutrition and health, food technology and engineering, food safety and quality, food and feed market.

Our mission is to provide a common platform for food scientists, researchers, technologists, producers and nutritionists, young scientists and students for:

  • Research and finding solutions at common problems in food safety and quality
  • Disemination of research results within and across international borders
  • Promote the use of innovative food safety technologies around the globe
  • Common projects for development, innovation and education within food science and technology

B-FoST’s is non-profit association, which was established in 2017 under the laws of the Romania. The foundation is governed by the board of the foundation, which are the officers of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee consists of the officers and additional members of member organisations and has received delegated powers from the General Assembly.

B-FoST is the Black Sea Association of Food Science and Technology which has in membership professionals from the countries around Black Sea, having an interest in food science and technology.

The association aims to achieve the following activities.

  • Developing and publishing books, periodicals, flyers, posters, brochures, software and other informative materials.
  • Providing consultancy and advice to people interested in the areas converted by the association’s purpose.
  • Promotion of innovative ideas in new food technologies
  • Conducting informative campaigns
  • Organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, specialized training, thematic meetings.
  • Proposing projects with national and international funding.
  • Collaborating with other associations, public institutions in the area of food science
  • Designing and marketing of software applications and products in the field.
  • Providing specialized consulting projects.
  • Providing of consultancy and audit services, according to the standards in the field
  • Other activities provided by law, according to the association’s purpose.

B-FoST members are mainly food scientists, researchers, technologists, producers and nutritionists, young scientists and students from the countries around Black Sea area:

  • Armenia
  • Bulgaria
  • Macedonia
  • Romania
  • Republic of Moldavia
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine

1st Ohrid, Macedonia, 2016

2nd Yerevan, Armenia, 2018

3rd Belgrade, Serbia, 2023

Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design (JHED)

Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design (JHED) is a platform joining industry, expert and scientific community, and consumers. JHED is unique electronic Journal in the world dedicated to:

  1. Hygienic Engineering and Design
  2. Food Quality and Safety and
  3. Food Production and Processing.

JHED is a regular source of information for more than 35,000 officialy registered readers coming from more than 1,500 companies worldwide and many many universities, research centers and associations. The Journal is intended to: food producers, food machinery and equipment manufacturers, of cleaning and sanitation materials producers and distributors, the scientific and expert community in these areas as well as to all consumers. In the Journal, readers can find which are the new developments, technologies and innovations in the food industry. JHED is an excellent source of information and networking platform for all key players in the food industry companies worldwide.