Key topics

Main Congress themes are:

  • Latest progress in Fundamental & Applied Food Science
  • Innovative Food Production and Processing
  • Biotechnology and Bioengineering
  • Hygienic Engineering and Design
  • Food Adulteration
  • Novel Food Engineering Technologies
  • New trends in Food Safety Laws and Regulations
  • Food testing and Quality Control
  • Food and Industrial Microbiology
  • Microbiological and Chemical Aspects of Food Safety
  • Nutrition, Health, and Food Technology
  • Cleaning Washing and Disinfection Procedure at the Food Factory


Congress invited lectures confirmed so far:

  • Bioactive molecules, post-biotics, fermented foods in prevention of age-relevant diseases
  • Human behavior and its impact on hygienic design and food safety
  • MSCA Program in Horizon Europe (with focus on Staff Exchanges Action
  • Chitosan production from mushrooms: current status and perspective
  • Beyond the Plate: The Interplay between Antimicrobial Resistance Emergence and the Safety of Our Food
  • One Health - a holistic approach to achieving new trends in food safety and a sustainable food system
  • Encapsulation of bioactives in food industry
  • Chitosan Production from Mushrooms: Current State of Knowledge
  • Advancements in Hyperspectral Imaging Technology for Enhancing the Detection and Control of Food Quality and Safety
  • Food as medicine: Your health is influenced by what you eat
  • A new tool in mushroom toxicity screening: the use of a panel of bioluminescent whole cell bioreporter bacteria
  • Robots in the food industry: challenges with respect to hygiene and cleaning/disinfection
  • Innovative Technologies for Natural Food Ingredientes: From Nature to Products
  • Characterization of Cereal Based Dietary Fibers as Potential Functional Food Ingredients
  • Goat milk: carrier of bioactive compounds
  • Effeciency of green biosyntesis silver nanoparticales as antibacterial against aeromonas hydrophila isolated from infected rainbow trout
  • Biocative compounds from mushrooms that can help to prevent and cure diseases
  • Hygienic challenges and equipment design in fish processing
  • Controversies in the use of food supplements?
  • Opportunities and challenges of agri-food waste and byproducts valorization
  • Food safety and ingredients
  • Do post-translational and processing-born food protein modifications affect protein digestibility and their immune properties?
  • Spray drying in food technology: applications, innovations and quality control
  • Application of lavender and rosemary essential oils and their main component
    on the preservation of cucumber fruit
  • Antimicrobial, cytotoxic and anticancer activities from Cypriot aromatic plant extracts
  • The in vitro and in vivo antibacterial activity of essential oils and hydrosols
    from Cypriot aromatic plants